Steel Electrodes

303 AR -Super High-Strength Electrode for all Steels

Brochure: 303AR_en

Welds all steels, included high carbon content or high alloyed, stainless steels and dissimilar between them, in all positions and without cracks. High mechanical strength, heat and corrosion resistance. Ideal for repairing of tools, molds, dies, springs, worn parts; for cushion layers prior hardfacing and also as broken bolts extractor (STUD PULL).
Also available for TIG.

304 - Universal All Position Mild Steel Electrode

Brochure: 304_en

Offers an extraordinary weldability, with contact (DRAG) type transfer in all positions, even in the presence of dirt, grease, paint, rust and water. It is bendable without coating breakage allowing “IN SITU” and restricted area applications. Ideal for repairs on mild steels or low alloyed, either on thin or thick thicknesses.

394 - Universal All position Stainless Steel Electrode

Brochure: 394_en

Very good weldability in all positions, including vertical down. Super corrosion resistance. High elongation. Ideal for repairing of all stainless steels.