MALLOY 405 - Ultimate Abrasion+Temperature Resistant Electrode

Brochure: 405_en

Provides an austenitic matrix that incorporates a large amount of high hardness complex carbides (64-68 HRC). Deposits are smooth and maintain a good hardness up to 800°C. Ideal for repairs of parts subjected to extreme abrasion caused mainly by fine particles or parts subject to wear and high temperature. Replaces in many cases costly STELLITE. Only two passes for full benefits.

MALLOY 406 - Impact plus Abrasion Resistant Electrode

Brochure: 406_en

Makes smooth and cracks free deposits, with hardness equal to 57 HRC, able to resist impacts combined with abrasion. It can applied both horizontally and vertically and allows multi-pass welding without slag removing.

MALLOY 407 - Extreme Impact Resistant Electrode

Brochure: 407_en

Makes smooth deposits, highly resistant to strong impacts and shocks, without spalling. It can be used for joining, building-ups and coatings on steel and manganese steels, and joining manganese steels to normal steels. Ideal for repairing of worn parts in railroad (switches devices), construction, mining, quarries and many others. Rapidly work harden under impact loading up to 50 HRC. Useful also for buffer underlayments prior final abrasion hardfacing.

MALLOY 408 - High Abrasion and moderate Impact resistant Electrode

Brochure: 408_en

Makes very hard (58-60HRC) deposits, composed of an austenitic matrix that encapsulates complex carbides, able to resist high abrasion and moderate impact. It can be easily applied and deposits obtained are smooth, non-porous and with low friction to avoid abrasion from fine particles. Ideal for protecting iron base surfaces against high abrasion wear and moderate impact, thus extending their operational life.

MALLOY 441 - High-Speed Tool Steel T.I.G. ROD

Brochure: 441_en

Make deposits highly resistant to impact and metal-metal abrasion. Retains cutting edge always sharp and tough, up to 500°C-ideal for high-speed cutting. High hardness as welded, does not require heat-treating, but can be heat-treated if required. Ideal for rebuilding cutting tools, broaches, boring bars, punches and shear blades or quickly make special new tools.