MALLOY 25 - Self Fluxing Silver based rod for Copper, Bronze and Brass

Brochure: 25_en

Features great fluidity and low temperature applications. On copper is self-fluxing, that is it doesn’t require addition of flux. It is therefore ideal for brazing on electrical contacts, copper pipes where the use of flux could be a problem like valves stoppage, or impossibility to wash away the flux residue, etc.
On brass and bronze is the recommended the use of Malloy Flux 25.

MALLOY 200 - Special Electrode for Copper Bronze and Brass

Brochure: 200_en

Excellent for arc-braze joining of copper based alloys (bronze, brass) not only to themselves but also to other metals like stainless steel, cast iron and steel. Deposits are porosity free. Good mechanical strength and salt water corrosion resistance. Ideal for cast bronze repairs or surfacing on brass, steel and cast iron.